“I am very pleased with the services I got from OrthoTennessee. I had my ORIF ankle surgery in November 2018, and I started PT in January 2019. I’ve had appointments with physiotherapists Lea Lyle, PT, and John to date. I would like to highly recommend both of them to any patient. I found Lea very compassionate. She has an exceptionally caring and enthusiastic approach to deal with patients that any patient will find very helpful. Within the first three sessions with Lea, I was able to get rid of the air cast. I still remember my joy of that day.

From the next sessions, I got John as my physiotherapist. I found John to be extremely caring and extremely good in motivating. He would not let you leave until you put your best. He is full of techniques that patients like me will find extremely helpful. I felt like he tries his best to find each patient's pain points, does his research, and lets you go home with great advice and exercises that will help you heal quickly.

I took more sessions with John, so I spoke more about him. But I found both Lea Lyle, PT, and John very knowledgeable, kind, full of techniques, have approaches that are highly effective. I thank both of them to help me get my foot back.”

John van Leeuwen, PTA
Zoairia L.