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Dr. Anna Wallace

East Tennessee’s Only Fellowship-Trained Orthopaedic Oncologist

At University Orthopaedic Surgeons, we’re proud to share with you our regional orthopaedic oncology specialist, Dr. Anna Wallace. With her dual fellowship training in orthopaedic oncology and orthopaedic trauma, she stands committed to providing you with the orthopaedic oncology care you need to excel.

About Dr. Anna Wallace

Orthopaedic oncology is a specialized field of medicine involving the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of tumors and cancers that affect the body's musculoskeletal system, which is comprised of bones, cartilage, fibrous tissues, muscles, nervous tissues, soft tissues, and vessels. These tumors and cancers affect both children and adults, ranging from malignant and benign bone and soft-tissue tumors, like sarcomas, to metastatic bone disease.

As the only fellowship-trained musculoskeletal oncologist in the greater east Tennessee region, our orthopaedic oncology specialist, Dr. Anna Wallace, is uniquely qualified to treat primary and metastatic bone and soft-tissue tumors. 

Our specialist treats many common types of tumors and cancers, such as:

Our orthopaedic oncologist has vast experience in treating both adult and pediatric patients with malignant bone tumors, benign bone tumors, and all types of soft-tissue tumors. When orthopaedic surgery is necessary for treatment, Dr. Wallace has extensive training in a range of surgical procedures and offers the latest in evidence-based care. By speaking with our orthopaedic oncology specialist, you can determine which treatment option is recommended for your condition.

Visiting a medical doctor is recommended if your condition meets any of the following criteria:

  • You experience bone pain that gets worse over time 
  • You experience fatigue, weight loss, and weakness 
  • You feel bumps under your skin on your bone, muscle, or the surrounding tissue
  • You have swelling on or around the bone

Dr. Wallace understands that cancer can keep you from living life to the fullest. To schedule an appointment with our orthopaedic oncology specialist, call our UT Research Park office at (865) 546-2663 or request an appointment online.

Exceptional Care at University Orthopaedic Surgeons

Our years of experience and advanced training devoted to the care of orthopaedic issues, including orthopaedic oncology, make us who we are, but our compassionate care of our patients is what makes us dedicated to you. Dr. Anna Wallace, our fellowship-trained musculoskeletal oncologist, is the only orthopaedic oncology specialist within a three-hour radius of the Knoxville area. She is an unparalleled expert in accurately diagnosing and effectively treating tumors and bone cancers in a broad range of patients, and she continuously strives to exceed her patients' expectations in the delivery of care. 

To consult with our University Orthopaedic Surgeons orthopaedic oncologist, please request an appointment online or call our UT Research Park office at (865) 546-2663.

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Patient Success Stories

“[My son and I] literally went from going to school that morning and thinking it was just growing pains to being sent that afternoon to our local hospital to have an MRI because it looked like cancer. . . Dr. Wallace was very compassionate. You could tell both Dr. Wallace and her physician assistant, Christy Rose, were concerned about this 12-year-old child who was having to go through this. [Now] he’s doing great. He’s growing . . . Other than his incision, you would never know he had anything wrong with him.”