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Patient Reviews

“Due to an accident 40 years ago, my right foot was almost sheared off about 3” above my ankle. My foot grew back with three misalignments which included yaw, pitched and roll rotation. The misalignments destroyed my ankle joint, requiring an ankle replacement. Dr. Scott Smith informed that a realignment of the foot would be necessary for the ankle replacement to be a success. Dr. Smith told he would engineer a single cut of the tibia and fibula that would correct the misalignments. Dr. Smith performed the successful realignment surgery in January. In June the successful ankle replacement surgery was performed by Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith did an excellent job for me. My ankle replacement is serving me well. Also, I have been to several orthopedic Surgeons over the years, and I’m impressed with the minimum wait time associated with my appointments at University Orthopedic Surgeons.”
– Earnest C.
Treating Doctor: Scott T. Smith, M.D.
“Very Good - and it was good to have a team effort - with Dr. Scott Smith, Dr. Seaworth, Jamie Cross and others. My surgery was very complicated from a 19 year ago fall badly crunching my ankle. It would give been good to have had a telephone follow-up or two to check on me after my last visit. I am now waiting for the annual checkup - which I do not yet have scheduled not sure if I am to make it or you-all?”
– Lloyd B.
Treating Doctor: Scott T. Smith, M.D.
“On December 10, I was in a horrific automobile accident and suffered numerous traumatic and severe, life-threatening injuries. Dr. Scott Smith repaired my broken body and saved my life. His ongoing care and systematic approach to sequence the multiple surgeries required to fix my broken and shattered bones resulted in a complete recovery. I now walk without a limp and feel that I am 100% to where I would have been had the accident never occurred. I trust this man with my life and will forever be thankful for his care, compassion, and skill. Thank you, Dr. Smith!”
– Samuel O.
Treating Doctor: Scott T. Smith, M.D.
“I was in a car accident and brought to UT Medical Center for treatment. The x-rays showed I needed surgery on my ankle. Dr. Wallace put two screws in my ankle and told me I could not walk on it for three months. She did rounds while I was in the hospital and then I saw her several times after I was released. The whole group was excellent, friendly and competent. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.”
– Lynette R.
Treating Doctor: Anna H. Wallace, M.D.
“Dr. Smith was informative and patient with all my questions. He remembered what was going on with me and was encouraging about my progress. He was confident about his ability to treat me, and I have had excellent results. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith.”
– Patricia D.
Treating Doctor: Richard S. Smith, M.D.
“I wish all doctors were like Dr. Seaworth. She listened carefully, responded courteously and knowledgeable to my questions and provided quality medical care. The previous doctors I had seen with my foot and ankle had prescribed some pretty drastic surgery for my foot and said that nothing much could be done for my ankle. Dr. Seaworth ordered injections a year or two ago. The effects of the injury are still there, of course, and I try to use common sense about what and how much I should do, but mostly I am doing well. I walk several blocks a day and am able to be active. I truly thought before I went to her that I would have to live with the injury and within months or a year would be permanently on crutches/walker/wheelchair. My story is similar for Dr. McConnell. He is wonderful. I recommend the University Orthopedic Surgeons to everyone!! Not only for the great medical care but for the courtesy and kindness they show their patients. And the office staff is equally great. Believe me--this is not the case everywhere.”
– Cherel H.
Treating Doctor: Christine M. Seaworth, M.D.
“I had significant knee pain and required replacement of both knees. Dr. Tonne and his team were exceptional as well as all the office staff, regardless of location that I visited. I am now pain-free and very happy with my overall experience. I highly recommend University Ortho and Dr. Tonne and, in fact, have told others who need a review of their knee challenges to schedule a visit to University Orthopedic Surgeons.”
– Kevin R.
Treating Doctor: Brian M. Tonne, M.D.
“I am very pleased with the care and help I receive from Dr. Tonne, he is the best.”
– Margaret M.
Treating Doctor: Brian M. Tonne, M.D.
“I cannot praise Dr. Triantafillou enough in his knowledge and determination to save my leg from my motorcycle accident. Dr. Triantafillou was always very sincere, caring and took the time to explain every process during my 6-month journey to recovery. I am extremely Blessed to have had him as my provider.”
– Brenda J.
Treating Doctor: Kostas Triantafillou, M.D.
“Dr. Wallace is amazing! She cares about her patients and has always been so good when we are there for checkups. She was wonderful in discovering the problem that was causing my pain and I can now say approximately a year and half later, I am pain free. I highly recommend her to anyone.”
– Cathy A.
Treating Doctor: Anna H. Wallace, M.D.