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Patient Reviews

“Explained preliminary diagnosis. Scheduled MRI and follow-up appointment. Discussed treatment options dependent on what shows up on MRI. Explained thoroughly and answered all questions. I left feeling confident that I was getting first rate care.”
– Michael A.
Treating Provider: Bradley J. Moore, P.A.-C.
“David Erpenbach was very friendly and competent. I enjoyed my visit even though I was getting a shot which really helped. End of pain for now!”
– Carla F.
Treating Provider: David Erpenbach, P.A.-C.
“I had a total knee replacement surgery back in December. It was a complete success. I am planning on doing my other knee in February. Highly recommend this establishment for this type of surgery. Saw a few surgeons prior and was not impressed. The level of care is unsurpassed! I could not be more pleased with the outcome of my surgery.”
– Jeffrey M.
Treating Provider: Michael J. McCollum, M.D.
“Questions got answered. Everything was professional and excellent.”
– Joe T.
Treating Provider: Brian M. Tonne, M.D.
“I am so happy to have Dr. Joshua Moss (and Dr. Seaworth) as my caregivers. Dr. Moss did a great job in repairing my rotator cuff tear from a car wreck, so much so that I was so pleased once again when Dr. Seaworth referred me back to Dr. Moss to repair and reattach the ligament in my hand from the same wreck. When I see Dr. Moss on September 10th to take the cast and wrapping off, we will know more how the repair on my hand turned out, but I have complete faith in Dr. Moss and would recommend Dr. Moss, Dr. Seaworth and the University Orthopedic Surgeons to any and everyone!”
– Noemie B.
Treating Provider: Joshua P. Moss, M.D.
“Dr. Seaworth was very easy to speak with about my condition. She answered all the questions I asked during appointments and ones I asked via the patient portal.”
– Joann L.
Treating Provider: Christine M. Seaworth, M.D.
“Dr. Smith asked relevant questions and really listened to me. His solution gave me complete relief.”
– Theresa T.
Treating Provider: Richard S. Smith, M.D.
“I am 70 years young, and this rotator cuff surgery was my first surgery ever. Based on personal accounts from friends and relatives, I wasn't looking forward to this particular procedure. From my initial appointment, through surgery and my post-op appointment, the University Orthopedic Surgeons staff, day surgery staff, and Dr. Kern and his staff have been nothing short of fabulous. The personable and professional treatment which I got subjected to speaks volumes to the pride in which you take in providing the best of concerned care. I can only attribute the fact that I have experienced very little pain to Dr. Kern's skill and ability. I have told and will continue to relate my story to anyone and everyone who will listen and asks about my exceptional experience with the University Orthopedic Surgeons Department.”
– Ron F.
Treating Provider: Michael J. Kern, M.D.
“Recovery is speedy, very satisfied. I would recommend replacement surgery to anyone if needed.”
– Guy H.
Treating Provider: Philip G. McDowell, Jr., M.D.
“Direct care staff is the best. Response time when placed on hold or leaving a message is incredibly short, the shortest I have ever experienced. If I asked for anything from a copy of x-ray to refilling a prescription, or a blanket, the response was immediate. The office staff at University Orthopedic Surgeons location are prompt and helpful. Appointments are confirmed promptly as are checkouts. Turkey Creek appointment desk and checkout are much less quick. Checkout is the worst as there frequently no staff there, or one or more staff standing nearby but just not responsible for that desk. Patients are standing there waiting for someone to check them out.”
– Linda F.
Treating Provider: Michael J. McCollum, M.D.