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Patient Reviews

“I felt very comfortable with Dr. Holt; he came highly recommended. Also, the rehab group was fantastic.”
– Anton B.
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Dr. McCollum has replaced both my knees and one hip. All procedures were excellent.”
– Richard H.
Treating Doctor: Michael J. McCollum, M.D.
– Patricia D.
“I made the appointment with Dr. Tonne in September. I decided to try the steroid shots in both knees, but to my disappointment, they made my knees much weaker. So I called and left a message about this. Dr. Tonne called me back, and I told him I needed to have the total knee replacement on my right knee. He did this on November 4th. I was only in the hospital one night, then home and started therapy. Also, before the knee replacement, I went through the pre-op, and that was very helpful. I have done great through this. I have been faithful in therapy and went back to Dr. Tonne on January 30th. Everything was good.”
– Mildred B.
Treating Doctor: Brian M. Tonne, M.D.
“Dr. Oros repaired my broken back. I highly recommend Dr. Oros. He also has visited me at all of my appointments. Very personable. Very professional. So far I am healing well and look for a full recovery. Thank you to Dr. Oros and staff at UT Hospital.”
– Donald T.
Treating Doctor: William R. Oros, M.D.
“I have seen numerous doctors for about 9 or 10 years with pain in legs and hips. Dr. Eilerman was the only doctor that found out the problem and is solving my pain issues. I'm thankful I was referred to him.”
– Donna D.
Treating Doctor: Michael S. Eilerman, M.D.
“Great experience. Dr. Wallace is a great doctor. You can tell she cares about her patients. I was seeing her due to a gunshot wound just above my ankle. She put in a metal plate and screws, then had to go back in to remove a severe infection. She was great. The only thing I was not happy with was my last visit. I told her there was a painful knot beside my ankle and I wanted her to check it out. I told her, and all she said was it was okay nothing showed on x-ray. Still to this day four months after my last visit I still have problems with the knot. She had just come back to work from being sick and didn't want to touch me to make me sick. I wish she had done a better job with that it still gives me problems. But overall she was great.”
– Stacy D.
Treating Doctor: Anna H. Wallace, M.D.
“Very professional, but with kindness and a sense of humor made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Eilerman took whatever time I needed to answer my questions and ease my anxiety. He was highly recommended to me by a friend, who is a retired OR nurse and had both her hips replaced by Dr. Eilerman, and I shall do the same in the future.”
– Donald G.
Treating Doctor: Michael S. Eilerman, M.D.
“Great experience. Staff was efficient and caring. Dr. Smith was beautiful and an excellent hand surgeon.”
– Linda R.
Treating Doctor: Richard S. Smith, M.D.
“Wonderful experience.”
– Regina L.
Treating Doctor: William R. Oros, M.D.