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Patient Reviews

“The first visit with Dr. Holt and I must say I’m happy with the service I received from him and his staff.”
– Tiffany C.
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Dr. Holt and staff are fabulous! I’ve been going to Dr. Holt for five years. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!”
– Ann L.
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Very friendly listened to my concerns and had my best interest in mind.”
– Kelly S.
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Thanks to my care at UOS, I can enjoy life again! Dr. Holt replaced my left knee on February 6, 2018. I chose to have my physical therapy at the UOS Turkey Creek location because it is an easy drive from Maryville. Little did I know I'd hit the jackpot for physical therapy! Physical therapy is hard, but the encouraging atmosphere of this office made me actually look forward to going. I saw both John and Lea during my treatment. Each of them comforted me when I had concerns, challenged me to go beyond what I thought I could do, and encouraged me as I progressed. I also loved the camaraderie that developed between patients as we cheered each other's progress. The office never felt overcrowded, and I never felt rushed by my therapists. At 6 weeks, I have reached my goals and have been discharged from therapy. I was actually a little sad to leave. I will be scheduling my right knee replacement with Dr. Holt soon. There's nowhere else I'd go for this surgery or for my physical therapy afterwards!”
– Christy
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk, work, and sleep without any pain. Thanks to Dr. Oros and his assistant and his staff. Dr. Oros is a special man who cares about his patients and their health. This my first hip replacement and it was really a piece of cake, nothing like I thought it would be. I thank God for Dr. Oros. What a great surgeon. Dr. Oros is the best Doctor I have ever been to. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an orthopedic surgeon. Thank you all at UOS. And thanks to UT for their great care.”
– Garrell
Treating Doctor: William R. Oros, M.D.
“Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk anywhere without pain in both knees. I couldn't have scripted a better experience after having both knees replaced in a 6 month span. Dr. Michael Holt and his P.A., Erin Kramer were awesome!!! From my initial visit to my last visit yesterday, everything went as good as I could ever have imagined! Because of the great job they did, my post surgery P.T. was minimal. Other than what I call 'in the moment' pain, I have had very little pain! My post op visits were all great! I really couldn't have asked for more! I thank God publicly for them and the whole staff at UOS!”
– Bruce
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Thanks to my care at UOS, I can do daily activities and function as a normal person. Dr. Holt is very skilled at what he does and is a very caring doctor. I so appreciate the quality of like I have regained after having total knee replacement in both knees (about 4 months between surgeries). Dr. Holt, his PA, Erin Kramer, and his entire staff are wonderful. Thanks to you all for the wonderful treatment I received while under Dr. Holt's care.”
– Karen
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk without pain in my big toe joint. I had bone spur removal surgery and a cartiva implant 8 months ago with Dr. Christine Seaworth. I am thrilled with the results at this point. I had minimal pain during my recovery and I have really good motion in the joint now. Dr. Seaworth is an amazing surgeon, and one of the most caring doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have recommended her to two of my friends and would tell anyone who needs foot surgery to go see Dr. Seaworth.”
– Theresa
Treating Doctor: Christine M. Seaworth, M.D.
“I would like to express my story about the Turkey Creek Therapy office. I have been so pleased and somewhat surprised about the high level of care the entire office demonstrates. Jody, at the front desk is efficient and caring. Lynne, my therapist does her job by coaxing and encouraging me but also understood when I was not feeling well one day, she was less insistent. The entire office works well together, not a "bad apple" in the bunch.”
– Jeanette
Treating Doctor: E. Michael Holt, M.D.
“This was my 2nd knee replacement in 6 months. I had the right one replaced in June 2017 and the left one replaced in December 2017. I cannot stress enough the improvement of quality of life these surgeries have allowed me. Dr. Eilerman and his team have been wonderful from my very first visit (this includes office personel, nurses, PA's, hospital staff, etc.) Dr. Eilerman and his team show such compassion with the desire to improve their patient's quality of life. He and his team will take great care of anyone in need of orthopedic care. I can now walk the beach pain free. Thank you so much for helping me to live a productive life again.”
– Lisa
Treating Doctor: Michael S. Eilerman, M.D.