Local Woman Regains Freedom, Mobility From Double Hip Replacement

Stephanie T., an avid reader, boating enthusiast, and self-proclaimed foodie, found herself facing an immense challenge due to severe hip pain. To combat the pain, Stephanie tried various treatments, including massage and chiropractic therapies, with no lasting relief. It was only after visiting a pain management specialist and undergoing an X-ray that she discovered the need for bilateral hip replacement surgery.

Impressed by her friend's positive experience with groundbreaking hip replacement surgeon Michael S. Eilerman, M.D., at University Orthopaedic Surgeons, Stephanie turned to him for help.

Under Dr. Eilerman's expert care, Stephanie underwent her hip replacement. "When I woke up. . . I had immediate relief," she recalls. The recovery process proved surprisingly easy for Stephanie. "This has been a breeze!"

Returning to many of the activities she loved, Stephanie shares, "I feel like I was given the gift of mobility again." Just two weeks after surgery, she was already mall walking, covering distances of 1.5 to 2 miles each time. Today, her newfound mobility and freedom from pain have had a profound impact on her quality of life.

Stephanie is immensely thankful for her friend's referral and highly recommends Dr. Eilerman to anyone considering hip surgery. "I would recommend him to anyone looking at hip surgery," she says.

Thanks to Dr. Eilerman's expertise and the latest advancements in care, Stephanie has regained her mobility and embraced a life free from limitations.

If you are working to overcome chronic hip pain that is limiting your lifestyle, Dr. Eilerman is available for consultation at our UT Research Park and West Knoxville offices. Call (865) 546-2663 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online.