Steve's Patient Success Story

Steve, an avid runner, mixed martial artist, swimmer, weight-lifter, and golfer, tore his Achilles playing basketball. After only being able to walk with a boot, Steve made the decision to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christine Seaworth at University Orthopaedic Surgeons based on high recommendations from friends.

He underwent a complete Achilles repair in September 2017. "My surgery went very, very well. My surgeon, Dr. Seaworth, worked hard to make the incisions as small as possible, and recovery was excellent and swift compared to many," says Steve.

"The key to my recovery was that one, I had a great surgeon who minimized surgical trauma and who listened to me. Two, I was very aggressive with physical therapy (more than they wanted) and started swimming laps once the cast came off. I also started lifting weights 3-4 days after surgery on other body parts to stay fit. And finally, three, be mentally tough. Work hard on your rehab and be faithful to your PT stretching and exercises. You too can recover quickly."

Steves's goal after surgery was to be able to return to the things he loved including running a 5K by the end of the year. "As soon as I could leave the boot off I did. I started walking around an indoor track and slowly tried jogging half a lap. Less than four months post tear I was able to run a full 5K."

Are you ready to get back to doing what you love like Steve? To schedule an appointment, please call (865) 546-2663 or request an appointment online here.

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